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Our experts at Trisk are here to help onboard and streamline your business.

Todd Suchevits
25+ years in accounting, treasury, stock admin, insurance, and SOX procedures
Tom Brehmer
40+ years in accounting, tax compliance, contract & project management
Vlad Anikin
14+ years in team leadership, software engineering, compliance automation, and Web3

Web 3.0 is here.

All based on Smart Contracts

Deployed Library of Smart Contracts
is Exploading

Ethereum Smart Contracts
Several million deployed hundreds of thousands new ones every month
Ethereum DAPPs
4000+ deployed adding dozens new ones every month
DAPP Users
200k active daily users exploading exponentially

Smart Contracts
Have Adoption Hurdles

Integration of logic embedded into Smart Contracts into traditional or Legacy application is difficult
No “No Code” platforms
No "No Code" platforms which can engage Smart Contracts for DAPP development
Much longer
Time to market for solutions which use smart contracts is much longer than traditional solutions
Relatively Few developers know how to work with Smart Contracts
Stop wasting everyone’s time.
Start using Trisk.

The Solution is
Trisk Web 2.5

Develop DAPPs which combine traditional workflow artifacts with Deployed Ethereum (EVM) Smart Contracts
Any deployed
EVM contract
Enter key public
Set up Signature,
If required
All done.
Submit Configuration
Smart Contract can now be used via any Workflow or via Trisk API.

Developer Integration Options
to Access Trisk API

  • Deployed Ethereum
    Smart Contract
  • Trisk:
    Launch, Workflow, Forms, Documents, Cryptographic Approval, Extract
  • Trisk API
  • Mobile UI/UX
    and App Logic
    Mobile Apps Developers who wish to engage Smart Contracts
  • Legacy UI/UX
    and Application
    Enterprise/Legacy Developers who wish to engage Smart Contracts
  • Business Logic
    Web developers
  • Custom Web 2.0 UI/UX
  • Trisk UI/UX
    No code workflow DAPPS
  • DAPP User

Who Needs

Enterprises with in-house
Blockchain projects
Development Shops
Blockchain Foundations

The Trisk already has a successful experience with WEB2

Trisk is a no-code software that allows you to easily automate workflows, communicate with clients and colleagues, manage projects, collect data, and more...with 100% security!